It’s an imaginative blog title, huh? Seems apt however, so I’m keeping it.

The first post will be an extension of the “about us” tab, where I set the stage for what is driving the creation and explain the purpose of Leadership Lite (LL).

Honesty is one of many keys to being a great leader, so let me share some right now. I’m not a guru, sorry. I’m just a guy. I don’t have time to study enough to become a guru, and while I’m proud of my career to date, I’m not Jack Welch. However, I plan to bring you the thoughts and concepts of some gurus, along with some of my own thoughts on their work and as well as my own. Maybe if the passion to be a great leader resides within me for the rest of my career and I keep learning, I will become a guru… but if I am, I hope I don’t act like it (humility is another of those keys!).

My desire to be the best leader I can be (for more reasons than I care to list) has seen me study the subject more than I’ve studied anything else in my life. Sadly, the fact that every person is unique and will have their own interpretations of our efforts to lead them, I suspect no leader will ever be perfect the art. So, here is the first reason for LL, a desire to continue that study.

This site and these posts are rooted in an assumption there are more like me, people who always want to learn more. There are thousands of courses, and probably even more books on the topic, so why would another blog, website, or person talking about leadership help? Well, if you have time to attend those courses and read those books, it probably won’t. I wish those people good luck in their quest and I hope they come back to feed us some of their wisdom in the future. For the rest of us, we need some help, we need the abridged version. This is where LL comes in; Bite sized chunks of thought provoking ideas for the conscious leader. Hopefully they help you be better today, than you were yesterday.

My hope is that you find material to help you improve, then you give back by helping build a community by interacting with those on the side and helping each other grow, so please, comment, like share, etc.

Happy leading,