Leadership Lite

Bite sized chunks of thought provoking ideas for conscious leaders


Leadership is a vast, deep and wide-ranging topic, impossible to ever master 100%, so why would someone want to associate with a ‘diet’ leadership community? The short answer; time. We could all spend our entire lives reading material that aims to help us grow but we have lives to live too. So LL will aim to provide rich ideas that are quick to digest and provide food for thought, hopefully leading to a world full of people making each other’s lives better.

Leadership Lite aims put thought provoking content in front of you, in order to facilitate conscious debate in your mind about how to be a better leader. By creating new content, using reader’s thoughts and existing leadership content, we will explore a wide range of topics, without pretending to have all the answers (because nobody is perfect and each situation unique). Broad enough for all leaders to find something to think about, we hope to help each other grow and as a result help those around us grow too… without asking you to dedicate hours at a time to reading & watching content.

Guided by humility and open mindedness, we don’t take ourselves to seriously, remembering life is for enjoying. We try to have fun at the same time as we strive to be better today than we were yesterday.


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